Mozilla Firefox web browser is available through the Microsoft Store

Mozilla Firefox is now available in the Microsoft Store. Firefox is one of the first browsers in the Microsoft Store to have a third-party browser engine, using its own Gecko browser engine instead of the Chromium engine used by browsers such as Edge, Opera and Brave.

Microsoft’s new Open Store policies have finally made it possible for third-party browsers such as Firefox to access the Microsoft Store. Although we do not yet see the Chrome browser in the Microsoft Store, we can see that the Opera browser is now included in the Microsoft Store.

“Previously, if you were a Windows user, you would need to download and install the Firefox browser online, but now Microsoft has changed its Store Policies, making it easier to choose Firefox as your desktop browser, including all the latest Firefox features. has.” Mozilla said in a statement.

Mozilla has made it easy to switch to Firefox on Windows with a one-click process that is not officially available to anyone other than Microsoft. Setting the default browser in Windows 10 may take a few steps, but now you can set Firefox as the default browser with one-click.

Interestingly, the One-Click process does not seem to work in Firefox’s Microsoft Store version. This means that Mozilla may either refrain from submitting the Workaround version to the Store or reject it from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has made the process of setting up the default browser in Windows 11 more difficult, and since sending an Open Letter to Microsoft in 2015, Firefox has been forcing Microsoft to improve Windows’s default browser settings.

The Firefox browser is now available for download on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store.

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