A version of Windows 11 SE from Microsoft to compete with Google’s Chrome OS

The Windows 11 operating system is already used by many and many people are looking for it. However, not long after the release of Windows 11, many people still know that there are bugs.

However, the Windows 11 SE operating system, which can compete with the Chrome OS that comes with the Chromebook, is designed specifically for students. In addition, it will be the first cloud OS developed by Microsoft. You may recall that last year Microsoft was developing an operating system called Windows 10X to compete with Chromebooks in a similar way. But we reported to you that they later stopped this.

The disadvantage of Windows 10X, which was previously offered by Microsoft, was that it could only use apps found in the Microsoft Store and did not contain many of the essential apps. But with the new version of Windows 11 SE, we can see that Microsoft Office 365 apps are pre-installed.

The new Windows 11 SE will be introduced to the new low-cost devices and will not only support Microsoft apps but also third party apps.

If the devices with Windows 11 SE are used with a school system, the admins can decide which third party apps can be installed on it.

Compared to Windows 11, there is no significant change in the user interface of Windows 11 SE. This shows that Microsoft is doing a lot of work on what kind of access to get for low cost devices.

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