cosmic tour of the computer screen and virtual reality gadgets

There is no doubt that we feel the meaning of giving today, and we are at the height of this feeling, what if there is someone who offers us something for the purpose of excitement and benefit if you are someone who is sitting sadly and looking forward to someone who offers them a telescope, or waiting for a sum of money to buy one, and then a journey will start Searching for a place that provides you with a backyard devoid of light noise … etc.
It is a problem for all-stars and cosmology lovers, for whom it is time to inform them the good news. You can now wander through an exhibition that offers you many elements of astronomy and cosmology, in a wonderful and beautiful manner, that takes you on an unmissable journey at almost negligible costs … It is for heavenly lovers a blessing and generosity. They are priceless.

Artist Marina Fedorova and her virtual gallery

Marina Fedrova is a talented Russian artist whose works are inspired by the world of space, and Cosmodreams is her virtual exhibition that reflects to us images from outer space, and earthly feminine characters blasting lightly, transparently and carrying various emotions into the spacious space.
Marina made space a material for her virtual exhibition, there is no need even to leave the sofa, it is the technology that we all use, enough glasses for us to enter a virtual world that occupies a part of our daily time or the screen of the computer or mobile phone, so what if we used this technology to sail away?
Our artist, Marina Fedorova, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1981, and she currently works and lives between Saint Petersburg and Munich.. Petersburg, after which she graduated from the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design, where she majored in Fashion Design and Painting.
Over the past two decades, her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions inside and outside Russia, and some of her art exhibits have become the holdings of the Hermitage Museum and other world-famous museums.

Cosmodreams: An Astronomical Vineyard Journey

The Cosmodreams Gallery project is an immersive experience, a journey into the extraordinary world that Marina Fedorova envisioned in her series of artworks. Conceived as a stand-alone art statement, the exhibition reflects the artist’s perception of cosmic space and conveys a deeply personal experience of the universe. Through works that clearly express the beauty of the great world, Ms. Fedorova explores the role of technological progress in our lives and its impact on our planet, and ponders the social adaptation and legacy that we will leave for future generations.
The project, which took three years to prepare, has gradually acquired certain interactive features, with the viewer having to explore each thematic group in sequence, experience the features of augmented reality, and visit a virtual museum. All elements of this show are interconnected, as the different media flow seamlessly with each other: the key to the artist’s unique vision lies in their complete immersion in this world.
COSMODREAMS appeals to a large audience of people of all generations and backgrounds. The astonishing world created by the artist is open to everyone: art experts, tech hobbyists and those who keep up with the latest news of space exploration and astronomical discoveries.
The artist’s main task in this project was to provide a unique experience creating a captivating and visually appealing imaginary world. With this in mind, COSMODREAMS has not only taken shape as 2D panels, but also as a special augmented reality environment developed exclusively for this exhibition, as well as sculptures, art objects and video art that thus enter into a unique creative world.
The artist deals with different aspects through which she can deal with the subject of the universe: she is divided into groups of themes such as patriotism, life on earth, life in space, dystopia, future visions and deep space. What all of these themes have in common is the artist’s perception of space not only as a cosmic sphere, but as a specific metaphysical state. Each of the characters appearing in these paintings is not only limited to his or her own story, but also has a very distinct way of dealing with the reality they face.
In an effort to overcome the limitations of 2D painting, Mrs. Marina Fedorova also has a series of sculptures illustrating different representations coming from her paintings. Created with the help of the latest technology, these lightweight art pieces offer further project conceptualization and blend seamlessly with the panels.
The components of the project become integrated with the augmented reality feature that aims to enhance some of the artwork and video art. VIDEO: based on the visualization of the artist Marina Fedorova and the visual graphics, it is an independent artwork in the world of COSMODREAMS.
How to start your journey with Cosmodreams
To start the journey, all you have to do is visit the cosmodreams website towards a world of supreme beauty.
A window will open in front of the visitor, which he can use by pressing GALLERY: We will see three options: The first is ART CLUSTERS, the second is SCULPTURES, and the third option is VIVID PICTURES. VIDEO or AR can also be selected from the box in the corner.

What does each contain? Technical group

To return to the atmosphere of Ramadan, there is no doubt that we live in a state of laziness in the evening sometimes, but there are those who can offer us something very interesting, so let’s click on the link of these pictures, and now we will start a very beautiful journey:
We are facing a variety of pictures, each of which is located in a different tab, choose what you feel you tend to see, although we recommend that you watch them all, you are really in front of artistic clusters, you will never feel bored. Have you imagined, for example, that our questions about the future would be presented in an art gallery? Or nostalgia, for example, while we live in the depths of space to Earth? Or our weightlessness in space? Even environmental matters are featured in some of the pictures? By the way: The future life on planet Earth in light of the amazing technological progress did not disappear from the mind of our artist, so I transferred what might be in our minds of concerns to her paintings.

3D sculptures

It depicts female figures for us in the various roles that women have played throughout the history of human civilization: the mother, the ruler, the artist, the scientist, the philosopher, the warrior, and others.

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