misconceptions about the popular WordPress website

If you want to create a new site, then the WordPress platform is the best and most appropriate way for that, and of course the WordPress platform has been widely discussed with dozens of articles that highlight the pros and cons that appear every day in it, but what many have in common is spreading beliefs and concepts. Erroneous about it. Some people attach features that are not present on the platform, while others reproach them for things that are not in it.
So let’s discuss some of the most common misconceptions about the WordPress platform:
WordPress is a blog only platform
We cannot deny that the WordPress platform is the first platform for blogging, but its design as a specialized blogging site does not mean that it cannot be developed. On the contrary, the WordPress platform has continued to evolve over the years, as it is now used by different websites with different requirements, and this diversity indicates its flexibility as a platform.
More than a quarter of all websites on the Internet are now supported by WordPress, and it is clear that blogs are not the only category that uses a content management system “CMS”. Through a large variety of plugins, tools and other means to modify your page, you can use WordPress to create any website you want. Almost.

The wide spread of WordPress among companies such as eBay, SONY, CNN, Mozilla Firefox and many others means that the capabilities of the platform include many ways to present and display content, whether this content is an online store, news feed, company page or anything you may need for your project or business, and thus WordPress is highly customizable, which makes it possible to employ various tools to provide more features.
There is no support in case you encounter a problem
WordPress is a free CMS developed by contributing developers, one of the most common misconceptions is that there is no solution if you encounter a problem while trying to install it or while using it. For example, if there is no organization responsible for a product that you want, you cannot resort to the developers of this product, so no one will help you if a problem arises with it.

Of course, you will not encounter this obstacle with WordPress, there is “wordcodex” This document provides a detailed look at how the content management system works, what are the usual problems that you may face, and the solutions that help you face them, as experience in developing and using WordPress has accumulated and increased over the past years through its contributors Developers, keeping in mind every aspect of how WordPress works and what to do in case you run into any problem.

There is also a forum where you can contact and consult with WordPress experts for free. The forum is active and you can get help if you need it quickly – just make sure not to violate any of the forum rules and provide all the information they ask for when starting a new topic.

There are also companies that specialize in WordPress maintenance, not to mention the large numbers of contributors who help you whenever you want, but of course for a fee.
WordPress is free and therefore not for commercial sites
WordPress is open source software, that is, you can use it, modify, copy and enhance it without violating any of the copyright laws, so you do not need to buy it from a specific company because it is not the property of any company, and all that is required is to download and install it and follow up on setting the new website.

The fact that WordPress is available for free use and is developed for free may make it seem “cheap” according to some standards, but the price does not reflect the quality at all, and although WordPress is free, it is better than many paid options due to its being open source and under development by thousands of different developers. Around the world all the time. WordPress developers might not charge for their contributions, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the platform, which cannot be questioned.

Insecurity, partial or complete
Some believe that WordPress CMS is insecure because it is not subject to direct and continuous management by a major company. This is another false rumor.
First, updates are constantly being released in WordPress, aimed at making the system more stable and secure. In our world, which is teeming with people obsessed with money and material, including fraudsters and thieves, security has become a priority for all developers.
Second: There is no such thing as a perfect program or platform free from defects, any part of the software can have gaps, and the “fraudsters” who want to exploit it learn that constantly, so it is a war going on in the world, not in the domain of WordPress only, but the difference Is that WordPress has a bigger “army” of developers to stand up to the hacks.
Finally, website security not only depends on the software it uses, but also on the hosts, and it is up to them to ensure that the websites on their device are safe and sound.
Sites powered by WordPress are not fast
This belief is related to the large number of WordPress users. Not everyone who installs a CMS is an advanced user, so problems related to download speed are generally attributed to the content management system itself rather than to users.
WordPress is known for its excellence in the high-quality semantic XHTML format, and the fact that WordPress was developed by contributors does not mean that WordPress is a set of code that amateur developers mess with, on the contrary, there are many experienced professionals who quickly correct errors. And in the event of a problem, the error is detected quickly as well, because there are a lot of people who use and develop it, all this makes WordPress a fast and reliable system.
WordPress is hard to work with

It is one of the most misconceptions planted by novice users of the website, as any program that you have not dealt with will expect that it is difficult to use, especially if you do not make enough effort towards it, so you should know it in advance by knowing its features and how to deal with and use it.

In fact, and contrary to popular belief, the WordPress platform is one of the easiest to work with, and there are plugins designed to make the process easier, and one of the most popular options is ManageWP. Tracking site visits and installing updates can be made easier if you use a dashboard about websites running with WordPress.
Inability to deal with larger audiences
Some users suspect that the WordPress CMS is not suitable for larger audiences. The reason for these doubts may be because it is generally viewed as a blogging platform and as a consequence for small individual sites rather than large projects. This is why when someone expects their page to attract a lot of traffic and to thrive on their business, doubts usually arise that WordPress is the right choice.

However, the reality is that WordPress is used by many big companies, such as eBay and CNN, so it is strange to question the scalability of WordPress. In most cases, major sites’ problems with the public are caused by mismanagement, not from a flaw or deficiency in WordPress.
As can be seen from the above overview, the WordPress platform is a flexible platform that uses a wide range of advanced technologies and enables its users to help them create sites with various great features easily and conveniently. All the above rumors are spread largely because some users do not have enough knowledge about confusion in those beliefs.
Try WordPress to see for yourself how good it is, in the end the platform is free and you will not lose anything from trying the option that convinced millions around the world to adopt it!

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