Is artificial intelligence a friend or enemy of website designers and stealing their jobs?

Today, when we talk about the old Internet, we contemplate the change that is taking place admiringly. Thirty years have been capable of changing the world of the Internet completely in terms of technologies, design and programming mechanism. Today’s internet is not like the internet of the past, thanks entirely to the web developers, for thirty years during which they were able to develop their tools and create an entire world that we did not imagine existed before, but today we are facing another new challenge. Will the AI ​​ambassadors succeed in doing it again?

What will AI do for the internet in the future?
There are several points that artificial intelligence can present to the Internet today, the most important of which is the personalization of the user experience, so can you imagine that you can someday use the Internet differently from your friend so that you see websites differently according to your interests, work, and your behavior?
It is very interesting to have an Internet that suits us specifically, such as to feel that the website is designed for us specifically, this is one of the topics that have started to pop up recently, especially in the world of digital marketing, and artificial intelligence can offer a lot in this field.
What is the role of artificial intelligence in web design?
We know very well that the main place for artificial intelligence systems is currently in the medical field, but nevertheless artificial intelligence has begun to take another place and has begun to take serious steps in designing websites, and here we will mention some initial experiences of applying artificial intelligence techniques in web design.
TheGrid website
The digital world is growing day by day and we all depend on the Internet in many fields such as education, work, and other fields, so the Internet has become necessary for everyone, especially for shop owners and small and medium businesses.
As the Internet is the fastest and least expensive way to market products, hence the idea of ​​The Grid, since many years ago, creating a website for your store or business was not easy, but it required months of work, development, evaluation, and modification. Various stages end in producing a distinctive website that represents your business in a distinctive way. And with high credibility.
Today we no longer need all of that. Business owners are not tasked with mastering programming and knowing how to develop websites, and The Grid was the solution to this problem. It is an artificial intelligence system that allows you to create your website and determines the structure of the site, determines the colors and design of the site according to your preferences.
Wix service
Another example of a great tool that uses artificial intelligence in web design is the popular Wix tool, which we saw a lot recently in YouTube ads. As web design has become easier with Wix and without the need to master programming at all, it is only done by identifying the things that you want to have within your site, and the program will design the site automatically and present it to you in a simple and automatic way without the need to know the details.
Firedrop service
Firedrop is another artificial intelligence system that uses machine learning algorithms, but what distinguishes this tool from others we have mentioned is the absence of the use of drag and drop or the usual programming methods, thanks to the “Sacha” intelligent assistant of Firedrop.
Normally, you can chat with Sacha and tell the bot what you prefer by asking users specific questions about how the site is designed. Sacha still depends on the data entered by the users, and it responds to these inputs and creates the appropriate websites according to the inputs entered by the users, which makes the web design process much simpler thus you can now have a beautiful website regardless of your programming knowledge.
Adobe Sensei tool
It did not take much time for the world-famous Adobe in the field of design to take the initiative, also, today we are witnessing the launch of Adobe Sensei, which is a tool recently launched by Adobe that provides users with many advantages to manage their work and files, one example of the capabilities of this tool is the recognition features On the face inside photos, in addition to improving the quality of selfies through the use of effects.
Is AI a friend or enemy of designers?
We are all afraid of artificial intelligence, and most of those interested in artificial intelligence always ask the same question in different forms and in different formulas for each new achievement of artificial intelligence, and today nothing is different, designers and web developers have started asking the surroundings around them Are our journey over here? Are we looking for another job, or does the labor market need us with artificial intelligence to work together as one hand?
Artificial intelligence relies on humans today to a large extent to train these systems and teach them what to do. It is possible that artificial intelligence can draw, but until this moment it suffers from a problem of understanding what the things it draws, and the best example to illustrate this problem is Google’s latest Quick, Draw experience.
Artificial intelligence still depends on its predictions on prior income that other people have created these inputs, and despite the presence of technology in every aspect of our lives, people still want to see that beautiful human impact even if the artificial intelligence performs tasks in an easier and simpler way. Business world.
Today we have taken a step towards automating tasks using artificial intelligence, and we do not know completely the future of this step, but it is still too early to say that our jobs are threatened by the presence of artificial intelligence, and even if this happens and artificial intelligence systems can occupy a wide spectrum of work, we will work to create new jobs that befit us as human beings. Artificial intelligence will be friends with designers if they want to carry out their tasks more quickly and efficiently and they will have more time to develop their business and work on more important and complex tasks.
There are many places that artificial intelligence can contribute to web design. Do not waste your time by worrying about losing your work because of artificial intelligence systems, but start today and search for artificial intelligence trends in web design and work immediately to understand this field and how to contribute to the development of these Systems are not lagging behind, as artificial intelligence is not lagging and evolving day by day

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